Have you ever seen professional dryer cleaning contractors in action? You’ll be amazed at how fast and effective these people are when cleaning dryers, especially if they have to work on an entire residential complex. But you’ll be more amazed at the link, gunk, and debris that they take out of the dryer.

You don’t have to witness dryer vent cleaning at a large scale to realize how important that task it. You need to get it done even if you live in a single-family home. In fact, you’ll need to clean the dryer vent daily to make sure that the appliance works fine all the time.

Why is Dryer Vent Cleaning Important?

There are at least three reasons why dryer vent cleaning is necessary. You have to look past the costs that you have to pay for the dryer vent cleaning service. Always remember that it’s all for you and your family’s benefit. Here are the reasons why you must have those dryer vents cleaned regularly.

1. Energy Efficiency

Over time, lint, hair, dust and other debris could block the dryer vent. If the airflow is blocked, then the dryer won’t do its job well. It means that the dryer spin cycle won’t be as efficient, and the drying time will be three times longer than usual. Your dryer will require gas and electricity to run. It also needs more water. With the extra exhaustion, it will endure more wear and tear. The immediate effect of all these is increased utility bills.

2. Moisture Regulation

The main effect of a blocked dryer vent is higher indoor humidity. If inside the dryer vent lint buildup occurs, then the link will trap the moisture in instead of emitting it off. This will raise the humidity level inside your home to 50 percent. It will cause all types of moisture-related issues inside your home, including condensation on the walls. If left unchecked, you’re likely to endure mold damage.

3. Family and Property Security

Clogged vents are putting your home at risk. They increase the likelihood of short circuits and other electrical hazards. If you’re using of gas dryers, then carbon monoxide may not be properly absorption, which compromises your family’s health. Clogged vents also cause overheating, which in turn, causes a fire. Right now, dryer fire is the leading cause of injuries in the United States.

When Should You Clean Dryer Vents?

It is highly recommended that you clean dryer vents once each year. If you do large amounts of laundry regularly, then you have to clean it more often. Be sure to watch out for the warning signs to get the professional dryer vent cleaning contractors over.

If it takes longer for the clothes to dry and if your clothes feel too warm to the touch after drying them, then there might be a lint problem to be addressed as soon as possible. Be sure to check the lint traps often too. The amount of lint you see in there shouldn’t go beyond what’s usual. Be aware if your dryer is overheating or if there’s a burning smell in your laundry room, especially during the hot and humid months.