No matter how efficient and fast Allentown towing and other local towing services may be, it is still inconvenient to have some engine or vehicle-related issues in the middle of a trip especially when you are on a busy or unfamiliar road. Worse, accidents happen because of these issues, which have led to severe injuries and even multiple deaths.

While some people take seriously the maintenance of their vehicles and do it regularly out of love for their cars, others are just passive about it until they experience some failures on the road.

It is very important to maintain your vehicle by changing the oil, having a tune-up, balancing and rotating the tires, and following maintenance schedules for transmissions, brakes, and other systems in your car. But again, this might be sometimes overlooked by some vehicle owners. So, to give oyu some hints your car needs repairing, we list here some telltale signs of car damages.

1.Strange smells and sounds

You may begin to notice a smoky or burning smell and this may indicate a problem manifested also by a smoke under the hood or rising temperature gauge. Likewise, when you hear ragging sounds from the wheels, or thumping and grinding sounds from other parts of the car, this can also mean damage to these parts. Do a check-up immediately and do not use the vehicle.

2.Leaking fluids

A dripping water during hot seasons like this simmer is normal as this indicates the air conditioner is working and is in use. However, pay attention to other leakages such as a red liquid leaking (transmission fluid), a brake fluid, or a leaking engine. Check and fix immediately.

3.The dashboard warning lights

A very common way to spot there is something wrong is to check your warning lights on the dashboard. However, your warning lights do not provide an accurate indication of the issue and so, you still need to find the damaged parts by yourself. It is important to find a professional mechanic to help you find out what went wrong and fix the damage.

4. Some indications of transmission failure

When you have a problem in your transmission, it can manifest in several ways such as delayed and/or rough shifting, revving the engine before movement, and burning smells. When you experience any signs of a transmission problem, it is necessary to do something about it to avoid further damage and unnecessary replacement.

5.Some changes in the engine

When you experience some change of engine behavior, that is an indication that it is experiencing some problem. If you notice it working harder than the usual, or is either shaking, racing, or chugging, it is important to ask for a professional service or a good mechanic to diagnose your car and provide some necessary repairs to it.

Final thoughts

It is extremely annoying when you have an engine issue while you are on the road, so it is important to maintain a regular check-up and repair to avoid experiencing these problems in the future.