Oftentimes, parents do not know where to start when planning a kid’s birthday party. There are a lot of ideas and options out there. One of the most popular options is to rent a bounce house. 


If you’ve chosen to rent a bounce house for your child’s birthday party, there are a couple of steps you’ve got to keep in mind. Here are several tips you can follow for your bounce house rentals Knoxville TN needs: 

Check the Power and Space Needs 

All bounce houses can be of different sizes and shapes. You’ve got to ensure you check with the rental company on how much space you require. Usually, you need the space to be at least a bit larger than the actual house. you require room for the entrance. Also, you do not want the sides to rub against your home, a bush, or your fence.  

Examine how many circuits for the power you require. Almost every basic bounce house only need one circuit of power. It may need 2 circuits if your bounce house is bigger. A circuit in a bounce house isn’t just a single outlet. It’s a combination of several on a similar breaker.  

Let Your Kid Choose the Bounce House 

You should allow your kid to choose their preferred bounce house from the rental company you pick. Bounces houses come in a huge range of themes, colors, sizes, and shapes. It’s sure to be a hit whatever bounce house your kid picks.  

Choose the Right Rental Company 

There might be a couple of bounce house vendors available. This depends on where you live. Pricing should not be the only thing you’ll have to consider when it comes to choosing a rental company. Insurance, safety, and reputation are all vital factors of any vendors you pick. Any reliable bounce house vendors will have all of their tools examined by the state. They should also be insured. However, you’ve got to keep in mind that an examined vendor does not really mean they’re safe. A reliable bounce house rental company will have its own employees, have trucks, and train their staff to properly operate the bounce house.  

Pick a Location 

Knowing where you’re going to set up the bounce house is almost as vital as knowing when you require it. Various rental companies have various limitations on where they can place the inflatables. If your party is going to be in a park, extra staff or insurance are often needed to utilize the inflatable. If you are not planning to hose the party at your home, the bounce house rental company will have to know where the party is going to be.  

Choose a Time and Date 

Choosing a date for the party is another thing you’ve got to consider. Almost every rental company will have limited supply and limited delivery schedule. Knowing what time and day you want the bounce house for your event will help the vendor figure out if they are available during that time. This means that they can reserve the bounce house for you.